About us

Etihad Advanced Integrated Solutions is shaping the future of the organization challenge resolution consultancy industry by actively engaging with clients and investors across all continents. Within a span of over 10 years Etihad AIS has helped industries in Military, Aviation, and other civilian sectors reach their fullest potential. In proven expertise of training consultancy and solutions provider globally. Etihad AIS has attained many renowned partners internationally and work alongside industry players to reshape the recognition of the training programs and institutions. Etihad AIS aims to expand their expertise and resources by promoting niche developed specialized organizational challenge resolutions globally. 

Our Vision

The leading company in innovating and developing qualified capabilities and competencies in different fields


Our Mission

To provide world-class professional training services and solutions, for our clients which will accelerate the achievement of strategic goals and improve operational performance  

Our Solution  

Our Solution is tremendous with Etihad AIS Method, A tailored and proven challenge resolution method to help you to overcome your biggest organizational challenges  

Our Leadership

We create the perfect
tailored solution for you